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Main Screen

Sys opt sound.png Sys opt sound 2.png

  • Equalizer: allows you to set, customize and create different sound presets. Further information in Equalizer: creating presets
  • Volume: set the main system volume (UI and games).
  • Music Volume: set the volume of the UI music.
  • FX Volume: set the volume of the UI FX sounds.
  • Music: enable/disable the UI music.
  • Sounds: enable/disable the UI FX sounds.
  • Music Titles: enable/disable the popup displaying the music title in the UI.
  • Music Album: allows to choose any available music album.
    • Mix: when selected, the system generates a shuffle with all the available music albums.
    • CUSTOM ALBUMS: if you want to use your own music, you can create any number of folders in the below system path. The albums will be available on the next boot.
      MP3 and OGG are the only supported formats. We recommend converting all your music to OGG, 44 kHz, 128 kbps and mono. Here you have te music from the previous OS.
/home/pi/RGB-Pi/sounds/music/<my music>
/home/pi/RGB-Pi/sounds/music/<my music 2>
/home/pi/RGB-Pi/sounds/music/<my music 3>
  • Sound: allows to choose a sound preset.
    • Mono: when selected, all systems are downstreamed to mono sound.
    • Stereo: when selected, all systems are reproduced in stereo sound when available.
      Since the mayority of old small CRT TVs had just on single left speaker, Mono is selected by default to ensure the proper reproduction on all TVs.
  • SMS FM Sound: enable The Sega Master System FM sound chip for all games supporting the same.