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This is a quick guide about how to add your ScummVM games to the system.

From now on, ScummVM games do not require adding the same into its integrated menu list, but you can now create direct launcher files following the next steps.


1. Copy all your game folders into the corresponding scummvm rom folder.

Note: the name of the game folders can be any.

2. Go to the official ScummVM web site and then navigate to the compatibility section.
3. Search for your games in the list and take note of the Game Short Name
4. Go to the corresponding rom game folder in your system and create a file using the above name including the .svm extension. i.e. tentacle.svm

Note: the field must be created inside the game folder.

5. Open the file you have created, copy the short name again inside the same, and save the file.
6. Execute the system Search Games option and the games should appear in the system list.

Illustrative Example

ScummVM Web Step

Scumm web.png

ROM Folder Steps

Scumm steps.png