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This issue appears in the red tones making them appear brown, here you can see an example pic.


Further research, we found out that the issue is only present in Sony Trinitron TVs with chassis FE2 v3.17 and above.

The easiest way to know if you TV is affected if viewing the centering screen, on the bottom right corner appear one square with OK inside.


If you can't see the letters and only view a blue square is practically sure your Tv is affected.

without issuewith issue

If you see the blue box the last check is by entering in the TV service menu and check the chassis and version numbers.

Find below a list of all known affected TV models:

Model Chassis Version Manual
KV-14LM1E FE-2 v5.20
KV-21FX30E FE-2
KV-25FX30E FE-2 v3.44
KV-29FX30E FE-2 v3.44
KV-29CL11E FE-2 v4.46
KV-21LS30E FE-2
KV-29LS35E FE-2 v3.44
KV-21LT1E FE-2 v5.0

Hardware fix

Please contact with the seller on