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there are three main different kinds of themes and creation technics:

  • Static
  • Sprite animations
  • Animated GIFs

Creating a new theme from scratch can be intimidating at first. We suggest start by copying one of the exsiting ones:

  • Mega Tech as a template for static
  • Sonic as a template for sprite animations
  • Out Run as a template for animated GIF backgrounds

Themes can be found in the SD card in /opt/rgbpi/ui/themes folder. Copy the desired one and rename as you wish. Themes are inmmediately available from system options (reboot is not required).


When creating themes, the most important file is the theme.ini. This file is where you can define object position and color. The files are self documented so it should not be require much more explanation.

Special Sections

  • [bg] -> this defines the different types of scroll animations or GIF animation
  • [cust_sprt] -> this defines all sprite animations

Themes Repository

Here you can find out a large number of themes made by the RGB-Pi community Themes repository