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The KickHarness is an external connector of the JAMMA used in CPS boards to provide to StreetFighter games three extra buttons by player.

How can we connect this extra cables in our RGB-Pi JAMMA?

  ┃P2 Button4      4┃6      Button6 P1┃
  ┃P2 Button5      5┃5      Button5 P1┃
  ┃P2 Button6      6┃4      Button4 P1┃

On the board have a extra pads named Kick and on the sides you have the numbering of each button and its player, we just have to solder the 6-pin connector that accompanied our board in the package and connect our extra pins there, you will see that the ground pins are missing but it is not necessary to connect them anymore that the masses of all the buttons should be common, if not, join a mass of buttons 1, 2 or 3 to a mass of buttons 4 on the CPO.

Once ended, we need to perform the remapping of the controllers.