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"Service Mode" or "Service Menu" is a hidden menu most TVs have to perform advanced adjustments. This menu was meant to be used by repair professionals, not the end used to be very careful when changing any parameter.

Some common adjustments you can do in Service Mode are:

  • Advanced color calibration
  • Geometry adjustments
  • Factory reset
  • Region change
  • ...and maybe more, depending on your TV Model


⚠️ Before changing any value, take photos of existing values so you can go back to previous configuration in case you make a mess.

⚠️ Inappropriate changes can cause malfunction or damage the equipment.

How to enter Service Mode

Service mode is commonly accessed using a combination of key presses in TV remote. Different TV brands and models have different key combinations to access and different menu options.


  • On many Sony Trinitron PAL TVs, Service Mode value changes can only be applied in 50Hz