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  • Button Style: allows you to bind a button layout to the active joystick (Joy 1).
    this option only affects how the buttons are displayed in the UI.
    NOTE 2
    JAMMA and MVS layouts are only intended for RGB-Pi JAMMA board due to some special configurations that are applied when selected.
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  • Joy 1-4: displays the name of the connected joysticks. By selecting any of them, you'll be driven to the mapping screen. RGB-Pi OS uses the same concept of RetroPad used in RetroArch. RetroPad is a virtual gamepad which is like a SNES pad including analogs and triggers.
    for configuring gamepads using BUTTON PERFECT layout in games, you must follow the mapping sequence of the corresponding gamepad style. For instance, if you are using a USB Sega Megadrive 6 button pad, you must follow the sequence indicated in the SMD row. Following this example, when playing Megadrive/Genesis games, all your gamepad buttons will match the real console layout.
  • PSX Pad Type
    • Standard: emulates the original PSX gamepad. When using a DualShock in this mode, the analog sticks will behave as a digital pad.
    • Analog/DualShock: use one of this modes to enable the rumble and analog functionalities.



  • Search Devices: search BT controllers. When pairing BT gamepads, you should always follow the next recommendations:
    • 1. Use another usb pad to navigate that is not the same as you want to pair.
    • 2. Update the firmware of your gamepad when feasible.
    • 3. Set your gamepad in Dinput mode (aka Android mode).
    • 4. Set your gamepad in pairing mode.
    • 5. Press on Search Devices option and wait a few second until your gamepad is displayed in the list down below.
    • 6. Select your gamepad from the list and press for doing the pairing.
      if your gamepad is not found, try searching again a couple more times. If the gamepad still refuses to appear in the list, try resetting its memory, and then repeat all above steps.
  • Remove Pairings: unpair all your BT controllers.