SCART without IO Board

Enjoy the simplicity of a cable ready to plug on your DE10-Nano and CRT TV without IO Board or HDMI converter plus VGA to SCART cable, with RGB-MiSTer you have stereo sound and auto-switching feature and no need nothing more.


Hardware specifications

Auto-switching to AV channel on 4:3 with 12v stepup, 18 Bit RGB without conversions and clean CSync signal generated on the PCB within the scart providing the highest possible signal quality and the lowest loss, two filtered audio channels, all pre configured on our images.


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Intstallation step by step

1. Plug the RGB-MiSTer to DE10-Nano as you can see in the image, with the ethernet connector being on the left side

2. Download our premade image and Etcher. This is a multi platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) tool to write the image into the SD card.

3. Open Etcher and burn your image file into the SD card, when finish extract the SD card (doing a safe extract) and plug the SD into you DE10.

5. You can plug the Scart to the TV and turn on the DE10-Nano, when you turn on wait on a black screen (It will take more or less depending on the size of your SD), the system is autoexpanding the partitions, don't turn off until you see a picture on TV

6. When you see the picture plug you etheret cable to DE10-Nano and press ESC on a keyboard, after run the script update_all and when finish this process you can begin to enjoy.


Our own premade image

We have a premade image for you to only need to burn it and the system auto expand the fylesystem to the maximun capacity of your MicroSD, forget to follow complex instructions and installation programs, we have already done all that for you and our images are configured for RGB-MiSTer and With the latest cores updates, you only need to put your favorite games and enjoy.


Update instrutions

The image is autoexpandible to the capacity of your SD, need only to burn and when plug on the DE10-Nano the system expand the filesystem automatically, only need to run the script update_all included on the image to get all the cores updated to the last version.

Premade and autointallable image


Budget without commitment

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