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On this page we collect all the creations made by the community, you can see an image along with the name of its creator, you will find them all in this download link in the form of a pack, you must put them in /home/pi/RGB-Pi/images/skins/ If you want to contribute to your creation please send it by email to and it will be added to the repository, many thanks to the community for their great work and generosity.

Zelda by RicHard

Zel.png Zel1.png

Nes Mini by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 51 51.123010.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 52 04.942148.png

Neo Geo by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 51 07.927345.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 51 19.129857.png

Mega by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 49 32.389766.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 49 48.367615.png

VideoSonic by Danytyler

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 54 09.989678.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 54 20.128604.png

ZX Basic by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 55 40.470959.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 55 53.972838.png

Workbench by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 54 49.259076.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 55 07.640523.png

Pacman by Janibol

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 52 53.613841.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 53 22.354031.png

Metal Slug by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 50 24.977353.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 50 39.713892.png

Donkey Kong by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 22 01 21.435492.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 22 01 46.000672.png

Mario by Dani Morata

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 48 36.333373.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 48 57.261904.png

Multi System by Tanaka

LS2brA.png RCLX9Y.png I9pEvV.png

Covielsa Green Gold by Gaizka Ortiz

G2DKgr.png O048V8.png

Speedball by Chris.R3X

BDwgNZ.png 706x9U.png

First Games 5s by Janibol

EBdmZM.png 2xpaBy.png

Game Center Red by Janibol

1L4S6C.png 2Lj6SR.png

Game Center Blue by Janibol

Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 07 52.820608.png Rgbpi 2020-06-03 19 08 13.147598.png

Alex Shinobi World by MicMey

98jcZG.png 2U9aBT.png

Alex Kidd in Miracle World by RicHARD

9iAD4R.png R3n6I9.png

Dragon Ball by Janibol

ARfqTi.jpg DuDCGX.jpg

Super Mario World by MicMey

TU1C4D.png Va3iMk.png

Sonic by Janibol

JzB9MF.jpg YxfzTF.jpg

Metroid Fusion by MicMey

JxT8GG.png V6C87M.png

Super Metroid by RicHARD

JZjKRH.png AKC1tC.png

Retro Sun by MicMey

DKUdvg.png SMHjry.png

Knight Rider by MicMey

EGHWo0.png Tp793N.png

Shinobi Bonus Stage by MicMey

GAElM3.png DDjAxt.png

Tetris by Janibol

8IcTHA.png C02ZNI.png

Street Fighter by Tanaka

Vmfenk.png 15IKtL.png

Super Castlevania IV - A by RicHARD

Qk1eGa.png 5z3ulo.png

Super Castlevania IV - B by RicHARD

3aGl3r.jpg IAomPS.jpg

Micro Mage by MicMey

KM9Jy4.png UBzzAd.png

Ninja Turtles by MicMey

AgmuHB.png P0WvdV.png

Pixel Rainbow by MicMey

AcH55a.png IWgK92.png

Retro Green by MicMey

4qFnMF.png YTOZKz.png

Rick Dangerous by MicMey

Dg5ndW.png RiIdyg.png

Out Run by RicHARD


Retrowave by Tanaka

N33BVc.png MdW0hY.png

Ghosts'n Goblins by MicMey

OIIALy.png EXxvrA.png