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  1. Create a copy of the template skin folder located in /home/pi/RGB-Pi/images/skins and change to the name that you like.
  2. Draw the different parts:
    1. Backgrounds
      1. It is recommended to leave the backgrounds as simple and plain as possible, using few and dark colours. This will improve the text readability.
NOTE: all system menus support independent backgrounds. You can create different BGs for every system option menues creating the corresponding files:
    1. Bezels
      1. Red area: this is the overscan area. Do not draw important things here since most TVs won't display this area.
      2. Blue area: this is the main drawing area. It is calculated in a very conservative way so that every TV will display its content.
      3. Yellow area: this corresponds to text areas so be careful with what you put here because text could result unreadable.
      4. Green area: this is an optional drawing area:
    2. Bezels - Transparent: make the adjustments to fit this transparency into the bezel area. The simplest way is to make a selection in the bezel empty area and create a new image based on that selection. The recommended opacity is >= 50% for improving the text readability.
    3. UI
      1. arcade-*, flag-*, freq-*, region-*: all of them corresponds to the different UI selectors.
      2. logo: it is the image displayed in the screensaver.
      3. selector-front-* and selector-back-*: these are the images used for the text item selectors. The front ones are displayed on top of the text and the back ones behind the text.
NOTE: the back selector images are not provided in the template, so if you want to use the same you just simply make a copy of the front ones and rename them.