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On this page you will find all the cases which ARE NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY for having misused the device, in order to be able to repair it yourself or take it to a local technical service.

Component Description


  • A Audio amplifier - LM4952
  • B Controllers ICs - MCP23017
  • C Audio switch

Faults and solutions

I have connected the reverse board and now the controls do not work

Integrated circuits B are damaged and must be replaced

I have connected or disconnected the board with the machine turned on and if the audio amplifier has burned, I have no sound

You must change the integrated A

The raspberry does not turn on, none of its LEDs are not even red

This is usually due to a short circuit in the B chips between ground and 5v, you can check it with a multimeter in continuity mode between the pins of the board corresponding to 5v and the pins of the buttons of player 1 and player 2, if any of these does continuity the integrated B must be replaced.

Audio is very low or distorted

Check that the audio switch with which you can select if the output is mono or stereo is in the correct position for your wiring, if your wiring is standard jamma it should be in mono in the position of a single speaker, if your wiring is MVS Should it be in stereo in the two speaker position, prolonged use of the amplifier in the wrong mode could end up damaging the A chip and need to be replaced.