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Hi-Score Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to read the scores of the records made by the players on the NFS system and show it to the community to encourage competition. The bot is also in charge of the NFS access.

The Hi Score Bot that we find in RGB-Pi OS is unique and not used by any other system, it is based on the NFS function of loading roms by network but in remote mode so we do not need to have the games in our system to play and beat the records.

The entire system is managed by our Hi-Score Bot from the Discord channel for network gaming ( #records or #hi-scores ). To access we must first go through the verification channel. Once in the network game channel ( #records or #hi-scores ) we can talk with the bot by sending to channel !ayuda or !help command there it will return all the options that we have available such as check scores of specific games or find out who is the user behind initials.

Hiscore bot.png

How can i play games online and be the number one?

What we must do to start playing is to consult our public IP on a website of the type https://www.whatismyip.com/ this ip will be added to the bot by the command !addip 80.25.15.xx this will give us access to the server , we also add our initials with !adduser TBM for example.

Then we go to RGB-Pi OS and in the network configuration part we add in the route to the NFS server with the address that the bot shows us at the end when doing a !help and then without any USB stick we will go from SD storage to USB/NFS.

With this we will be seeing the roms hosted on the server which will already have all the hiscores shared by the community, once your hiscore is achieved you can consult it through the bot with !top and the game that interests you. Some games do not have the function to report the scores to the chat so in that case you should take a photo and share it in the channel.

Games are limited to one credit, just like in the old days :)


I am not able to connect!!! HELP!! The first of all is to check if your IP has changed, the access is validated by IP and therefore if it changes you will not be able to access. You can check it your IP in the NFS with the command !getip.

Verify that the public IP that you have assigned is the same that is in the NFS, in case you need to change it can be with the command !addip XX.XX.XX.XX

The bot is not able to read the record of all games, why?

The bot is based on a utility called hi2txt that allows decrypting files with the records of certain games, unfortunately not all games are supported.

I've seen a game that would be nice to make available in the NFS for competitive play, is that possible?

Request it from STAFF and we will try to make it available .

I have broken a record and it has not been saved, why?

Sometimes there is more than one user playing the same game and unfortunately it only saves the record of the last person playing beating one record. It is not usual, but it can happen.

It seems that there is some record that does not exist now, is it possible?

It should not be the case but we do backups of the records, so notify the STAFF as soon as possible to check it

In the list of games there are more games than the existing ones, why? The bot saves the game history, if any game is decided to be removed, the record is still there for the community