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== RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.4 20201012) ==
* Fixed Background Title Screen and Ingame Image
* Fixed EQ Clipping value change crash
== RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.3 20201011) ==
== RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.3 20201011) ==

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RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.4 20201012)

  • Fixed Background Title Screen and Ingame Image
  • Fixed EQ Clipping value change crash

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.3 20201011)

  • Added new Equalizer with custom presets by system
  • Added Mono/Stereo audio option
  • Added new ScummVM Load/Save menu (requires BIOS update)
  • Added Custom VSYNC in Advanced Options
  • Changed Screen Utility button mapping for 3 Button JAMMA
  • Changed Latency Frames option to Netplay menu
  • Fixed/Added scraper info (requires rescan)
  • Fixed volume color indicators
  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed keep retroarch configurations on update
  • Fixed game list preview slowdown after playing videos
  • Fixed DOSBox PC Speaker

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.2 20200925)

  • Added DSP Retroarch sound engine
  • Added DSP based presets for both Mono and Stereo TVs
  • Removed old equalizer
  • Changed SEGA cores to stereo sound by default
  • Removed SMD Stereo option from advanced options
  • Removed Trinitron Fix from advanced Options
  • Removed mapping on duplicated controllers
  • Changed Help menu option to QR code
  • Changed and flattened all Retroarch submenu options
  • Changed video screensaver to display only vertical games on rotate mode
  • Changed UniBIOS option to apply changes also in arcade core
  • Fixed random crash when connecting two identical joys
  • Fixed null write bug in game stats that was silently increasing the log file size
  • Fixed controllers UI list refresh on screensaver
  • Fixed detection delay for Retroflag snes pads

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.1 20200815)

  • Added additional music
  • Added new arcade core configurations
  • Added new default skins
  • Fixed labels in screen assistant in rotate mode
  • Fixed detection in joytester
  • Added save/load option in retroarch menu
  • Added cheat option in retroarch menu
  • Added Video Preview option checkbox in System menu

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Final 1.0 20200527)

  • Changed scraper DB files and folder structure for improved performance and allow internal duplicated Ids across different systems
  • Changed scraper engine for displaying USA/EU titles by default, JP titles when JP lang is selected and full rom file name when no info is found
  • Added new Auto Scrape system option to disable Scraper on Search Games
  • Fixed memory leak when refreshing game menus
  • Fixed custom skin backgrounds in TATE mode
  • Fixed selector layer in Classic Purple skin
  • Added additional characters to the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed NEOGEO helper colors

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Beta 3.2 20200522)

  • Updated PSX file formats
  • Added Ports system for custom .sh execution
  • Added execution support in USB FAT partitions
  • Fixed arcade 256p games
  • Fixed arcade V position issues
  • Fixed typo in cropped skin icons
  • Added additional JAMMA remaps to FBNeo

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Beta 3.1 20200520)

  • Fixed NES, FDS, SNES, SMS, MEGACD, NEOGEO, NGCD, PCE, PCECD, S32X 3-5p netplay
  • Fixed SNES core options
  • Added system folder permission auto fix

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Beta 3 20200517)

  • Fixed issue with custom music on exiting games
  • Fixed screensaver performance issues
  • Fixed reboot on manual shutdown
  • Fixed exception handling for SMBus JAMMA check
  • Added boot images rotation
  • Fixed nfs game playing check
  • Added new UniBIOS system option
  • Fixed console black screen on timing rounding
  • Fixed some scrapper gaps and issues
  • Fixed NFS indicator system icon
  • Fixed PCE netplay
  • Fixed updater

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Beta 2 20200512)

  • Added exception handling for SMBus JAMMA check
  • Fixed Gun tester crash
  • Added detailed logging on scan game error
  • Fixed deleted selected music folder (fallback to mix)
  • Fixed deleted selected custom skin folder (fallback to Terra)
  • Added system sounds volume option
  • Fixed IT translations
  • Moved Reboot option to main menu (for custom skins and music albumns)
  • Fixed infokeys text refresh after changing controller layout
  • Fixed search games crash when removing all roms from any system folder
  • Fixed ScummVM scraper
  • Changed freeplay only active when playing arcade systems
  • Updated mame2003+, fbneo, dosbox, pcengine, neocd, sne9x2010
  • Updated Pacman skin
  • Fixed crash when manual refresh is selected in Display options
  • Added skin, music and video to samba share
  • Added auto update ui-timing on shutdown when config.txt is updated
  • Changed some console timings
  • Fixed, sega and nintendo H centering position
  • Added .zip support for AtariST
  • Added custom Hotkey mapping
  • Fixed crash is music album selection after reloading options menu
  • Added new skins
  • Added new JAMMA remaps

RGB-Pi OS 2 (Beta 1 20200508)

  • Updated retroarch to v1.8.5
  • Added NEOGEO CD system
  • Added Amiga CD32 system
  • Added Sharp x68000 (experimental)
  • Changed MAME2003 by MAME2003+
  • Changed FB Alpha by FB Neo
  • Changed Dosbox by SVN libretro core (direct .conf launch)
  • Changed Scummvm by libretro core (direct .svm launch)
  • Added OS turbo mode for improved performance.
  • Removed cable check restriction (support won't be provided for non-RGB-Pi devices)
  • Changed system menu and system options interface
  • Added full CW and CCW UI rotation modes
  • Added new UI Skin engine
  • Added new unified search + scrap engine
  • Added support for video previews
  • Changed game list and favorites. Data is now saved in external unit
  • Added new game list options menu
  • Added sorting modes by letter, year, players and system
  • Added forward and backward for all the quick search modes
  • Added Virtual Keyboard for data entry
  • Added Kiosk mode password protected
  • Added 5 new languages (EN,ES,FR,DE,IT,PT,JP)
  • Added display menu music title
  • Added rom folder auto-regeneration
  • Added NFS2/3 and NFS4 modes
  • Added NFS check to avoid overwriting hi-scores
  • Added external unit indicators
  • Added USB auto umount functionality
  • Added three new screen savers, black screen, video previews and CRT power off
  • Added Image List menu type
  • Added system power and temperature alarms
  • Added arcade FreePlay mode
  • Added controller and UI button layout binding
  • Fixed some firewall blocking issues
  • Fixed SSID and Password char issues
  • Fixed all remaps on real RGB-Pi JAMMA mode
  • Changed unified Start hotkey for solving issues with PC-Engine, MegaDrive and JAMMA
  • Changed system music to Evan King chiptune albums
  • Added ability to add new custom music
  • Added new Bluetooth menu
  • Added new Netplay menu
  • Added new External Unit menu
  • Changed all RetroArch options to specific menus
  • Changed EQ menu
  • Changed controller mapping by direct selection
  • Added new manual power off option
  • Added power off sequence image indicators
  • Removed auto scan games on boot for super fast load
  • Added videoplayer integration
  • Fixed ATARI2600 resolution
  • Added Advanced Options menu easter egg

RGB-Pi OS (Final 20190806)

  • Fixed UI font. Now is fully monospace
  • Fixed cls error on system boot
  • Fixed some english translations
  • Fixed performance issue in arcade image selector screen
  • Fixed advmame paths for reading from the current selected unit
  • Fixed vertical games overlay displayed on horizontal games
  • Added apostrophe character support in Wifi configuration
  • Added .hdf, .t64 and .adf as supported files (core not tested)

RGB-Pi OS (Beta 20190714)

  • Changed VSync FIX from 3 to 4 (grid readjustment required)
  • Fixed some Arcade games image distortion (i.e gigawing)
  • Fixed DOSBox launcher and verbosity output
  • Fixed Wifi firewall rules
  • Fixed Remaps folder permissions
  • Added help on rotating image to the left
  • Increased keyrepeat response time
  • Fixed Sega CD (JP) games not loading

RGB-Pi OS (Alpha 2 20190630)

  • Added game statistics information in Info screen
  • Added Extras menu for special retroarch options
  • Added new menu music modes and songs
  • Added configuration upload option
  • Added 2 speeds key repeat functionality in game lists
  • Added 3s auto restore resolution on FIX option
  • Added new scraper custom mode
  • Added option to skip all analog buttons when mapping
  • Added new gamepad sorting engine to match retroarch system
  • Added quick skip to letter search functionality
  • Added rom badges for pirate, unlicense, prototype, translated, and hack
  • Added new info popup in quick load functionality
  • Added NAS/NFS option for reading games remotely
  • Added new rules for some special gamepads
  • Added country flag badges on gamelist
  • Added new original/forced arcade selector
  • Added filter to the game scanner to avoid displaying Linux/Mac hidden files
  • Added improved file extension filter to DOSBox and ScummVM
  • Added new automatic position adjustment of video intro
  • Changed to new Bluetooth gamepad module. Now works properly and faster
  • Changed to new game search engine. Now is 2x faster
  • Changed all UI image assets
  • Changed UI hdmi_timings
  • Changed/Fixed some UI texts
  • Changed Netplay QR image by simple text URL
  • Changed image Zoom algorithm
  • Changed FIX VSync from 5 to 3 (grid readjustment required)
  • Changed some buttons for screen assistant to fit with JAMMA board
  • Updated help
  • Updated JAMMA image
  • Removed back/cancel option from screen assistant
  • Removed testing BIOS folder for public Release
  • Fixed lang selector on first boot for JAMMA board
  • Fixed resolution change issue during video intro
  • Fixed file permissions in Arcade folder
  • Fixed sceen assistant not using the correct timing when FIX is active
  • Fixed favorites not saving changes sometimes
  • Fixed grid image proportions
  • Fixed black screen happening sometimes in no-games screen
  • Fixed analog sticks in retroarch mappings
  • Fixed restore option to clean up gamelist and UI gamepad mapping
  • Fixed 50/60Hz selector appearing in incorrect scenarios
  • Fixed keyboard input on screen assistant with FIX
  • Fixed virtual keyboard on Spectrum emulator
  • Fixed mapping images for JAMMA/MVS/NEOGEO
  • Fixed button A missing key press when returning to UI from game
  • Fixed DOSBox breaking UI in some games
  • Fixed some TATE games not being displayed with the correct orientation
  • Fixed screen assistant to avoid displaying the screen saver
  • Fixed screen position when changing zoom values
  • Fixed ScummVM crashes
  • Fixed bugs in countdown in arcade mode
  • Fixed Arcade 240p forced mode
  • Fixed centering on Arcade original mode
  • Fixed centering on Arcade 256p games
  • Fixed timmings on Arcade 224p games
  • Fixed FIX game timmings
  • Fixed Wifi connection
  • Fixed shuffle menu music
  • Fixed overscan of all systems

RGB-Pi OS (Alpha 1 20190622)

Initial Release

  • Custom interface specially adapted for CRT TVs
  • New screen configuration assistant
  • Special horizontal and vertical arcade mode visualizations
  • Personalized interface button skins
  • Improved sound system with equalizer engine
  • Simplified bluetooth configuration system
  • New simplified Netplay
  • Game visualization by list or folder modes
  • New SD/USB/NFS manager system
  • Online system updates
  • Integrated Scraper
  • Integrated Help
  • Soft screen rotation with no performance impact
  • Updated emulators and cores
  • Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B and 3B Plus support
  • Video player