GPIO to SCART cable

The simplicity of a cable ready to connect your RaspberryPi to a CRT TV and enjoy Recalbox in RGB and PixelPerfect resolutions with stereo sound.


Hardware specifications

Native RGB666 video mode with 18Bits of color without conversions is generated on the PCB within the scart providing the highest possible signal quality and the lowest loss, two filtered audio channels, 25 centimeter long cable, posibility to use a large number of casses for RaspberryPi, compatible with models B+, 2, 3 & Zero.


The PCB inside does the magic


Custom operating system

We have worked on a modified version of Recalbox for CRT TVs with the philosophy of respecting the native resolutions of each game getting no visual difference between the emulation and the original.

The system is Plug&Play and no need configuration, below you can see the instructions.


Our own improvements over Recalbox

We have made our own 50/60Hz selector before each game, and application to center the image or rotate the whole system 90º and we have the first OS capable of changing the resolutions on the fly.


A lot of supported systems with PixelPerfect



RGB-Pi Classic Mini

Turn your pi in to a classic video console with the official case for RPi 3, 3D printed, get an authentic video console aesthetics with inspirations in the classics.

You can donwload by free from thingiverse and see more photos of the assembly and final result.

A little advance

* The images captured from a CRT TV do not correspond to the real image quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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